35+ Funny Facebook Usernames That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

funny fb names

Orkut was one of the first social media networks to enthral online users and introduce a new virtual medium of communication. Despite that, it was not a very popular venture and didn’t taste unilateral success in the field.

After a few years, Facebook came along and gradually rose into prominence and eventually took off. Around the time of the inception of the prior decade (2010), Facebook’s popularity started increasing multiple folds. The flashy, fashionable, and trendy aspects of Facebook caught the attention of masses and youth all over the world.

In no time, it became the most prominent social media network in history with millions of users from around the world. Since the early 2010s, Facebook has been a reliable companion for many people who have been sharing their life events through this platform with their acquaintances. Hurdles like long-distance induced issues where were solved by this novel interface social media platform. All these determinants played a crucial role in the emergence of Facebook as the global leader in this domain.

We can safely say that almost everyone might have come across Facebook at least once in the last 10 odd years. From urban areas to rural stretches it has found a way through the gateways of many households and managed to become a permanent habitat in their digital lives. So what makes this platform so interesting and must-have? Probably, it’s cool user-friendly interface must be one of the primary reasons.

Users are in complete control of all the matters related to their profiles and the content they opt to share on the platform. Usually, users love to set a unique username to their profiles. Such practices have been prevalent since the late 2000s when the social media platforms were trying to set foot into the lives of millions of people. But nowadays people use this tactic on every platform present in the market. What makes a username unique, cool, and most importantly, funny? Humour is one of the biggest selling points in social media today. So people tend to add at least a tinge of humour to most of the components of their profiles. Funny names for Facebook can be derived from one’s personal tastes, passions, and many other aspects. Here are some funny facebook username ideas for you:

List Of Funny Facebook Names

P. Ennis

Sam Sung

Saad Maan

Hitler Mussolini

Di*k Long

Mike Litoris

Moe Lester

Donald Duck

Adolf Critler

Ben Dover

Dan Singh

Buddy Bear

Tu Morrow

Daisy Boo

Jelly Bean

Chris Cross


Earl E. Bird

Hazle Nutt

Kenny Penny

Marshall Law

Max Power

Olive Green

Paige Turner

Will Power

Tad Pohl

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